Work by Aidan Breen
all hand chased sterling silver

AB-58 US
Sterling with Amethyst, diameter 1.75 inch
Larger size available, 2.5 inch diameter AB-61

La Tene brooch or pendant AB-A
Sterling with amethyst & peridot
2.1 inch wide x 3 inch long

Front shown to the left, back above
La Tene brooch or pendant AB-B
Sterling and amber 
2.1 x 2.25 inches

Front shown to the left, back above AB-D
Sterling with garnet, amethyst, citrine & iolite
2.35 inch diameter

Zoomorphic pendant and chain AB-E
Sterling with agate and garnet

Pendant is 2.25 inch wide x 3.25 inch long with 24 inch chain

Brooch AB-F
Sterling with amethyst

2.25 inch wide x 1.25 inch high

Aidan Breen is a native of Dublin. His early fascination with Celtic design was fed by frequent trips to the National Museum as a child, to visit such treasures as the Tara Brooch and the Ardagh Chalice. He has worked as a silversmith since he apprenticed at age 14 to the church furnishings firm of M. H. Gill & Sons. He has also worked for several of the other leading firms in Irish silver manufacture, Royal Irish Silver and Allwright & Marshalls. Since 1978 he has worked on his own and was one of the first in the current trend of independent crafts designers to produce Celtic design jewellery in Ireland, showing his designs at the Irish National Craft Fair. The work shown above is all recent handmade original designs.