Have a "Junk Jewelry Bridal Shower"

This is a way your friends and family can contribute old gold jewelry, be it broken chains and earrings that have lost their mates, or things of sentimental value like the shanks from past engagement rings whose stones have since been remounted or other keepsakes.

Please be selective. Walker Metalsmiths appreciates vintage designs and fine craftsmanship and would really rather not melt objects that are aesthetically very cool in their present state. But old jewelry that is damaged, out of style, very worn or just ugly is still gold and we can use this to make wedding rings for the bride and groom. Often jewelry with sentimental value is something that is not especially useful in its present form. This is the material we encourage you to have us use to make your new jewelry.

You can also have something made from the same mix of gold as gifts for the wedding party, such as necklaces for the bridesmaids and tie tacks for the groomsmen. It is not necessary to collect exactly the right amount of gold for your project. We can supply gold to finish the project. Use your imagination! Reusing old gold is a way you can recycle both the precious material and the priceless sentimental value and save some money at the same time.

Walker Metalsmiths can schedule the casting of your gold up to two weeks before your wedding, but please don't cut it too close. Please get your order in soon enough that if there are sizing issues we have time to resolve them. If distance allows it you are welcome to come and watch the casting at our shop in Andover, NY. This can be a lot of fun, but you will need to make an appointment since lost wax molds are prepared the day before they are cast and we usually cast only once or twice a week. Click here to see how lost wax casting is done.