Walker Metalsmiths is pleased to offer exceptionally cut gemstones by lapidary artist Peter Torraca.  Peter cuts everything from garnets, tourmaline and amethyst to sapphire, spinel and tanzanite. Beginning with carefully selected rough material, Peter then goes beyond the usual designs of faceting and brings the material to life with his knowledge of each stone's optical properties and creative custom cutting.

Peter's background in retail jewelry led him to earn his Graduate Gemology certificate with the Gemological Institute of America. The GIA's training taught him to look more closely at gems than I had before (careful observation is absolutely essential for a gemologist).

Peter says, "Soon, I noticed that though most diamonds are very well cut, most colored stones are very poorly cut. Then I discovered the world of custom faceting. Fine colored gemstones need not be windowed and almost randomly cut -- they could become breath-taking gems." This "discovery" lead him to take up faceting as a trade. Now he uses state of the art faceting machinery and techniques to create exceptional, fine gemstones that stand well apart from common commercial stones.

Peter is a fellow resident of Allegany County, where Walker Metalsmiths' workshop is also located in rural Western New York State. His gems are available through Walker Metalsmiths stores in Andover and Fairport NY or through his website http://torraca.net/gems/index.php  Peter will also be exhibiting at the Allegany Artisans Studio Tour in October.

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