More Celtic Frame Rings

These rings are all sold. Most of them were special orders.
Have a look at these to discover the possibilities of how Walker Metalsmiths can make a masterpiece of Celtic art for you. 
Click on any image for more information and to see the ring at several angles.


RF101 Ruby and diamond

RF102 Heart cut Diamond with opal and sapphire 


RF103 Half carat  diamond with opal and sapphire

Radiant cut diamond


RF111 Tsavorite and diamonds

Heart cut sapphire


RF114 Ruby and diamonds in rose gold frame

Emerald RF115


RF118 Ceylon Sapphire and diamonds

RF120 Radiant Tsavorite

RF121 Ruby and diamonds

RF122 Ruby in 18Karat gold

RF124 Tanzanite

RF129 Garnet and diamonds

Cross and Thorns RF133

RF138 White sapphire in 14K white gold

RF139 Diamond and tsavorite

RF140 Tsavorite

RF142 Diamonds


RF148 White gold and tsavorite

RF150 Platinum
with six 10 point diamonds

RF151 Tsavorite and diamonds




RF155 Cross ring set with rubies

RF156 Ring set with customer's heirloom diamonds

Ruby with diamonds


Emerald in 14K white and rose gold


RF161 Cushion cut diamond

RF162 Heart cut diamond

RF166 Aquamarine

RF168 Diamonds


Opal, pearl, emerald and sapphire


Maccle and rose cut diamonds

RF173 Amethyst and diamond

RF175 Garnet and diamonds

RF176 Ruby and diamonds

RF179 Emerald cut diamond

RF181 Opal and diamonds


Celtic knotwork rings

More rings with stones

Colored gold pendants and earrings




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