The Celtic Wedding Resource Site

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Weddings are times of renewal and continuum. When a couple marries they begin a new family. They often look to their heritage for a sense of tradition and identity, to link the new generation with that of their ancestors.

As a service to our customers and to the Celtic community in general Walker Metalsmiths is embarking on a project to put wedding advice and pictures on the internet. We are frequently asked for advice about customs and traditions. The nature of these questions and an extensive search of the internet have revealed that there is a definite need for this resource.

If you have had or are planning a wedding that has a Scottish, Irish or other Celtic theme we want to hear from you. We are specifically looking for:

Photos that show clothing or jewelry that is ethnically distinct. Go to Wedding Album

Descriptions of customs or traditions that you used at your wedding.

All about Celtic   jewelry for weddings

Celtic design incorporated in invitations, programs, decorations, cakes ect.

Use of Celtic music at the ceremony or reception.

Vows, prayers, poems, toasts, blessings ect. that are either traditional or inspired by traditions.

Courtship, proposal or honeymoon stories that are relevant to Celtic heritage.

Please do not think that we are only interested in your wedding if it is an all out ethnic affair. We are just as interested in the subtle references to your heritage as shown by a tartan cumberbun or choice of a traditional music or other simple honoring of family heritage as we are the Renaissance Fair costume reenactment or destination wedding in Ireland. We assume of course that you are using rings from Walker Metalsmiths, but that is not a requirement for consideration.

Privacy is a consideration. We will not publish your address and if you prefer we can omit your last names. If we choose to use your photos and information we will check with you for approval and have you sign a waiver granting us permission to publish it.

Submissions: Are preferred by e-mail to Please put the word wedding in the subject line. Typed or handwritten correspondence are also welcome. Your photos will be returned if requested. We can scan photo prints or welcome electronic transmission of images (jpeg and giff files).



Mail to: Walker Metalsmiths Wedding Album PO Box 706, Andover NY 14806