Bracelet Sizing

There are basically two ways to decide what size bracelet you need. You can estimate or you can measure. Our cuff bracelets are somewhat adjustable, so an exact fit is not as important as it would be for a ring. Individual people have different preferences on how they want a bracelet to fit.

Cuff Bracelet Size




Small people

6 inch/15 cm wrist or less


Average Woman

5.75 to 7 inch, 15 to 18 cm


Average Man or larger woman

6.75 to 8 inch, 18 to 21 cm

Extra Large

Big people

7.75 inch, 20 cm or larger

Link Bracelet

Shown is a 6 link bracelet worn loose on a 6.75 inch wrist
A 5 link bracelet will fit this same wrist somewhat tighter. The choice is a matter of preference. 6 links fit up to a 8 inch wrist.

Cuff Bracelet

Shown is a large cuff bracelet worn loosely on a 6.75 inch wrist.
A medium will fit snugly on the same wrist.

Sizes overlap in the chart above. This is because some people like to wear bracelets tighter than others and our cuff bracelets are adjustable.
To use the size measurements in this table measure the wrist tight. The bracelet will actually fit looser than this.

Our cuff bracelets are cast as a flat strip and then shaped with silversmiths hammer and forms into shape. They are flexible but should be adjusted carefully. Do not take the bracelet off by "unwrapping" it as this will eventually cause damage. When handled properly these bracelets will last a lifetime and can then be handed down as heirlooms. Too much repeated bending will result in the metal cracking. When you first get the bracelet, carefully squeeze it or bend it to adjust the opening and shape so that it will fit the way you like it and can be taken on and off with a minimum of  flexing. 

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1 December 2000