Hunter Brooch
This large Celtic design brooch is the type known as an annular or ring brooch. 
It is sterling silver, 3 inches in diameter and designed for use as a plaid brooch. 
Original design 2001, copyright Stephen Walker.

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Brooch on the left has a conventional pin with catch. Brooch on the right is an old fashioned ring brooch mechanism. Either pin is very thick and will damage most fabrics. Use this brooch only with tartan, tweed or other hearty weaves, or if the brooch is being used for a specific garment, consider modifying the place it is to be worn with button holes.

Shown with traditional ring pin mechanism. 

 Hunter Brooch is also available set with six stones


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Annular or ring brooches are medieval and later brooch types that work like a buckle.  A gather of cloth is pulled through a circular opening and pierced by a pin, which is hinged to a point on the ring.  The cloth tightens as it is pulled back through the opening and the pin holds its position firmly.  Historically these brooches may be cast or in the case of many Jacobite period brooches made from wrought sheet metal.  Annular brooches are much more secure than penannular brooches, however they are more difficult to use. With Highland dress it is common to leave an annular brooch attached to the plaid when it is taken off. Watch the film Rob Roy for a demonstration.


5 June 01